Simply Stunning DIY Candle Holders

DIY martini glass candleholders

These DIY candleholders are made with simple components. They can be assembled in minutes and customized to fit any color scheme. I found these pretty gold candles at Michaels and decided to go with a dressy look.

epsom salt, taper candles, martini glass, tiny wreaths

I used epsom salts for the “snow.” Martini glasses are easy to find at TJ Maxx, Dollar Tree, Home Goods, etc. The candles came from Michaels and you can get them online here. The tiny wreaths came from Jo Ann Fabric and Crafts. I got them in the store, but you can grab them here.

using wax dot to adhere candle

A favorite product of mine are wax dots. I’ve used them for years. They are perfect when a taper candle doesn’t fit well into the holder or when you are actually creating a holder yourself. You can find the wax dots on Amazon here and a similar product here.

I generously coat the bottom of the candle with the wax dot and it will stick to any surface.

using wax dot to adhere candle

Place the candle in the glass.

pouring epsom salt into martini glass

Pour the epsom salt around the candle almost to the top of the glass.

DIY martini glass candleholders

Place the wreaths on top of the epsom salt.

DIY martini glass candleholders

In a matter of minutes you can create a lovely decoration for your Christmas table.

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