Creepy Rice Krispie Monsters and Halloween Treat Bags

Creepy Rice Krispie Monsters

I created some Creepy Rice Krispie Monsters for Halloween treats this year. Prepare yourself. Maybe you should only read this post during the day.

Later in this post, I’m also including a DIY for the cutest Halloween Treat Bags I’ve ever seen.

Wilton Icing Decorations

These edible weapons were my unexpected inspiration. These are by Wilton and I got them at Michaels.

The Rice Krispie Treat recipe I used is posted below, but use your own if you have a favorite. I don’t have step-by-step photos of my process, but these little monsters were super easy to make.

I shaped them in my silicone sphere mold, but you could also use a muffin tin or cut them into traditional squares. (You can find lots of ideas for them on Pinterest.)

While the Krispie Treat mixture was still warm, I dropped a scoopful into each cavity of the mold, pressed it down with buttered fingers, and let it sit for a few seconds. They popped out easily.

Then I shaped tiny arms on each side and placed their weapons under their arms while the mixture was still pliable and sticky.

Creepy Rice Krispie Monsters

After letting them sit uncovered for about an hour, I dipped each head into a small bowl of melted Candy Melts and placed candy eyes on top immediately while it was still soft. I tried sprinkles on one of them, too, but I really liked them better without sprinkles.

I think the guys above have a ninja/executioner vibe.

Creepy Rice Krispie Monsters

This one seems a little apprehensive.

Creepy Rice Krispie Monsters

I mailed them to unsuspecting friends and loved ones. I used parchment and metal tins to keep them as fresh as possible.

Creepy Rice Krispie Monsters

I wanted to send candy along with the Rice Krispie Monsters, and I found the perfect little DIY Halloween treat bags.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

This idea is by Michael Wurm from his website, Inspired by Charm. I highly recommend following Michael for great recipes and fabulously creative ideas. I made these little treat bags according to his directions, and they turned out perfectly.

Muslin Drawstring Bags

These bags came from Amazon. Here is the link to them, but there are lots of other muslin drawstring bags on Amazon to choose from.

Iron on Transfer Sheets

You will also need iron-on transfer paper. I got this pack at an office supply store a few years ago. I’ve used them on t-shirts, too, which is also a fun project.

I followed the link on Inspired by Charm and downloaded these adorable vintage Halloween prints. Then I printed them onto the transfer paper.

Iron on Transfers

This is how they look before you iron them on. Trim around each print with scissors.

Muslin Drawstring Bag

I cut the tags out of the bags before I started. I have an aversion to unnecessary tags. Plus you could see it through the fabric.

Muslin Drawstring Bag

Press out all the wrinkles before you start.

Ironing on transfer for treat bag

Now for the fun part! Carefully follow the directions that come with the transfer paper. Use a hot iron with no steam. Use a lot of pressure as you iron them on and allow to cool completely before peeling off the transfer paper.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

I absolutely love how they turned out! You could make these for any season or occasion. I will definitely make them again.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Just too cute.

Halloween candy

I filled the bags with awesome candy. And spiders.

Creepy Rice Krispie Monsters and Halloween Treat Bags

I tucked the treat bags in with the tin of Rice Krispie Monsters. Opening these treats will be quite frightening for your unwitting recipients, so be sure to provide warning labels.

Happy Halloween!


Creepy Rice Krispie Monsters

The Tasteful Baker
These Creepy Rice Krispie Monsters are delicious as well as terrifying. They are the perfect Halloween treat.


  • 6 tablespoons Kerrygold butter
  • 16 oz 9- 2/3 cup Kraft Jet Puffed Miniature Marshmallows
  • 7 cups Kellogg's Rice Krispie Cereal
  • Candy Melts in various colors
  • Candy Eyeballs
  • Candy Weapons


  • Combine the butter and marshmallows in a large, microwave-safe bowl.
  • Heat on high power for 1 minute.
  • Remove and stir together until melted.
  • Reheat for 15-20 seconds if needed to completely melt the marshmallows.
  • Add cereal and stir together well.
  • Place in molds, if desired, and once released, add arms and weapons.
  • Allow to sit uncovered for about an hour.
  • Following directions on package, melt Candy Melts into a small bowl and dip the top of each Rice Krispie Monster into the melted candy.
  • Add candy eyes while still warm.
  • Store in an airtight container.


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