Sparkly DIY Christmas Ornaments

Sparkly DIY Christmas Ornaments

I loved making these Sparkly DIY Christmas Ornaments. They are great to give as little gifts, too.

Inspiration ornament on tree

My husband and I recently made a trip to Atlanta and one of my favorite places to go is the Christmas section of Neiman Marcus. The ornament in the middle of the photo was my inspiration for this project. It was also $33. Yikes.

Before picture of plain ornaments in basket

I had a multitude of Christmas ball ornaments with nothing else to do with themselves, so I decided to glitz them up. I bought a pack of clear ornaments to play with, too. I was able to add glitter to them on the inside.

Various glitters to use

I used several kinds of glitter. I bought them at Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics. I also used Epsom salt and artificial iridescent snow.

Swirling clear glue inside a clear ornament

This is how I did the clear ornament. First, I filled it with a fair sized puddle of clear glue.

Swirling clear glue inside a clear ornament

Then I swirled it around until the inside was thoroughly covered. I don’t have a photo of this next step, but I placed the ornament, opening side down, over a jar to drain out all of the excess glue. I usually waited about 20 minutes to let it completely drain.

Pouring glitter into clear ornament

Fill it with the glitter of your choosing. I recommend using a funnel if the glitter is fine enough to go through it. After filling, cover the opening with the palm of your hand, and shake the glitter around until the inside of the ornament is covered. You might need to add more glitter. Empty excess glitter out.

Finished glitter filled ornament

And there you have it. These are just so pretty. I think this one looks like a giant opal.

Sparkly DIY Christmas Ornaments

Covering the ornaments on the outside is a very simple process:

Brush a layer of clear glue on the outside with a small paint brush and sprinkle on whichever sparkly topping you want. Do over parchment or aluminum foil and reuse whatever falls onto it. I sprinkled it on from the container and sometimes with my fingers. All of them didn’t turn out like I wanted and I threw several away. Don’t be mad at yourself if this happens to you.

Lay on parchment or aluminum foil to dry. You can go back and add more after it dries if you’d like. I tied a gossamer white ribbon on the top of each one.

ornament covered with artificial snow and glitter

For this white one, I used artificial snow and glitter.

ornament covered with Epsom salt

This blue one is covered in Epsom salt. It has more of a coarse, sugary look.

ornament covered with glitter

I used glitter for this beautiful red one. It was iridescent white glitter, but it looks like gold on the red. I love this one.

Wreath covered in Sparkly DIY Christmas Ornaments

I covered some small ornaments with Epsom salt and attached them to this wreath with hot glue. Then I added white battery lights to it and wired the battery box to the back of the wreath. For directions on how to flock a wreath, go to Snowy DIY Christmas Flocking. Also, go to The Best Wreaths are Made with Love.

Sparkly DIY Christmas Ornaments

Now if I could only sell these for $33 each.

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