Bright Idea for a Quirky Container

Plastic light bulb containers for Bright Idea for a Quirky Container

This is a quick little project you can do for Valentines Day. I found these plastic light bulb containers at Hobby Lobby. I got them at the store, but here is the link. The container is apparently to fill with sand, but I had other ideas. . .

There is a little plastic piece under the “base”, which is technically the top. It was in the way, so I popped it out and tossed it.

Plastic light bulb containers filled with candy

I filled them with Valentine M & M’s, and they hold a lot! It took one and a half 10 oz bags to fill two. . You could also add a tag that says “You light up my life” “Your love is electric” or some such sentiment.

Maybe after they eat the candy they can fill it with something boring. Like sand.

Another Valentines Day Idea can be found here: DIY Valentine Pop Top Cans.


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