My Top 16 Favorite Amazon Finds

My Top 16 Favorite Amazon Finds

I am posting a list of my top 16 favorite Amazon finds with a description of each and a few of my own photos of them. They are all useful, practical, and inexpensive. I frequently add links on my recipe and DIY posts to products I use and enjoy. I will never recommend a product that I haven’t used myself and found to be helpful. The photos are links to the actual products and there are links in my descriptions as well.

I love the convenience of ordering from Amazon, as I’m sure many of you do, too. Getting packages during Covid was helpful in so many ways. And I might have ordered a few unnecessary items… I actually didn’t order a yodeling pickle, but here is a link to one should you ever need it! 😂

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Butter Crock in My Top 16 Favorite Amazon Finds

My husband and I really like to have soft, spreadable butter available all the time. I kept it for years in a covered butter dish, but it ended up being really messy because the butter would get too soft. I found this Butter Bell Crock on Amazon and we love it. You simply soften your butter and firmly pack it into the top. Pour 1/3 cup cold water into the base of the crock and replace the top, so the butter is stored upside down. The crock will help keep your butter cool and fresh, but still spreadable. It looks nice enough to use at your table, and it comes in a variety of colors, too.

Salt and Pepper Shakers from My Top 16 Favorite Amazon Finds

These are cute salt and pepper shakers I found to replace my old and boring ones. They are perfect to sit on your stove to have on hand for all of your salting and peppering needs.

Kitty Night Light in My Top 16 Favorite Amazon Finds

This is a motion sensitive night light. It is rechargeable and has two brightness options. I have ordered several of these to put around our house. The little kitty is so cute and and his pleasant guidance will hopefully keep you from bumbling around in the dark.

Parchment paper Squares from My Top 16 Favorite Amazon Finds

I use a lot of parchment paper, and I particularly like parchment sheets. This is a 200 sheet pack and they measure 12″x16″, which is the perfect size for my Air Bake Cookie Sheet. They are so convenient to use and I don’t run out of parchment as quickly.

This is a Rubbermaid Tile and Grout Scrubber. It has a battery operated spin brush that gets into crevices, corners, and around your faucets. Combine it with Soft Scrub or Ajax, and everything with be shiny and squeaky clean. It is an amazing tool. Just don’t mistake it for your electric toothbrush.

I love this Black and Decker Dustbuster. It is great to use for small jobs without having to drag out your vacuum cleaner. It rests on a charger and stays ready to use.

This mop is fabulous for several reasons. It is lightweight, the cleaning pads are machine washable, and, my favorite part, you can choose the cleaner that goes into the bottle. You can also buy replacement pads should you need them.

These mesh bags are both cute and functional. I use them to store onions, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, etc. They would also make great shopping or beach bags.

This is a Gift Wrap Storage/Organizer. It holds up to 24 rolls of wrapping paper, plus additional storage for tissue paper, tags, ribbons, etc. It will fit under the bed. I have all my Christmas wrap stored in mine. It is made of high quality fabric with a zipper closure and it comes in several colors.

I love my AirPods, but I don’t want to lose them! This necklace is the perfect way to keep up with them, and the product description on the link says it “can be used as daily jewelry accessories to match your fashion clothes”. Okay…. 😂 It’s great for walks or if you want to listen to something and are having frequent interruptions. The holders are magnetic. Genius.

Do you have cold hands? My husband does. Sometimes I call him Edward (as in Cullen, not Scissorhands. Twihards will know who I mean). This hand warmer gets VERY warm and cures cold hands in minutes.

This is a Running Belt Waist Pack, which is a cool, streamlined version of the fanny pack. I use it when I walk or if I want to dash into the store and not lug a purse in with me. It easily holds credit cards, keys and iPhone. It’s stretchy and adjustable. Very comfortable.

This is a crystal glass nail file. It creates a smoother edge than an emery board or metal nail file. This particular one comes in somewhat lavish and over the top quality packaging, too, if you like that kind of thing. Your recipient will be very excited as they open it, but might feel a pang of disappointment when they see that it’s a nail file. That is, until they use it!

Oh my goodness. What to say about Baby Foot. This foot peel comes in bags filled with a lavender scented exfoliating liquid. You leave them on your feet for an hour. Within a week all the dry skin on your feet will have peeled off. Some of it in sheets. Your feet will literally feel like baby skin. It is a very cool product! I used it last spring and I plan to use it again this year. It would also be a fun gift.

This Argan Oil Mask is a fabulous conditioner that makes my hair feel like silk. It also smells wonderful. I use it about twice a week in place of my regular conditioner. Just rinse it out after a couple of minutes and blow dry as usual. You’ll really see and feel a difference in the texture of your hair.

These Travel Packing Cubes are fabulous to separate PJ’s, shirts, shorts, etc. It makes for neater packing and it’s easier to find items that are already in categories. The bags are good quality and come in a huge variety of colors. I’m sure these would be great for packing kid’s clothing as well.

Maybe you will find something useful and fun from my Top 16 Favorite Amazon Finds! I will post more cool items as I find them. Let me know if there are any that you’d like for me to share.

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