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Shrimp Bacon Queso Soup

This Shrimp Bacon Queso Soup is my adaptation of a recipe I found in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens Soups and Stews magazine….

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Christmas Confetti Chicken Soup with Buttery Croutons

Christmas Confetti Chicken Soup with Buttery Croutons is perfect to serve anytime, but particularly during the holidays. The spinach and red bell pepper give it…

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Sparkly DIY Christmas Ornaments

Sparkly DIY Christmas Ornaments

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DIY Snowy Christmas Flocking

DIY Snowy Christmas Flocking is a fun and creative way to transform a plain wreath into a winter wonderland. It would be a great project…

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My purpose here is to be inspiring to cooks and bakers at any skill level. Sharing recipes that I have tested thoroughly and think are fabulous, my recipes and other creative endeavors will be presented with simple, step-by-step instructions and chronicled with lots of photos. Have questions about the recipes or simple tips? Send me a message any time.